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June 8th, 2005

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11:27 pm - Welcome home, Mr and Mrs Argos/It's a BOY!
Jason and Concera came home from college.

When Concera left for college, the family was living in a small, crowded 2br-1bath house on a tiny lot with no garden to speak of.

She came home to Protagonist Manor.

Where she and Jason, not wanting to disturb and already busy household - at that point already occupied by Hiro, Pao, David and Ender - had a quiet little commitment ceremony on the lawn.

Jason got a new outfit. Concera was so impressed by his new stylishness she let him knock her up. Enter their new son.

Jason and Concera, meet Paul:

Paul, meet your grandfather Hiro:

And your Uncle David:

Pao moved out and Ender's gone to college. I had not, until I watched the closeup when he had his First Kiss with Randy, realised just how strange-looking Ender (who is half-alien) is; he has this weird flat face with a ridiculously tiny nose.

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