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June 24th, 2005

06:21 pm - Tales of David Protagonist
A man of strange outfits.Collapse )

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June 23rd, 2005

11:19 am - Hello
Hello all, I just thought I'd say hi.  I bought Sims 2 yesterday - I thought I'd give it a try :)  Now comes the hard part... what to call my sim!

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June 14th, 2005

03:44 pm
Somehow I have created the most functional Sim family ever. Whereas my other family cried all the time, slept constantly, and were never happy, these are ridiculously cheerful. It's a single mom and teenage daughter. When they wake up, they immediately start dancing together. BECAUSE THEY LOVE LIFE! (I wish I had a screen shot of them dancing in their jammies together.) In fact they dance all the time, including while a cop was beating up their burglar and while the headmaster was deciding if the daughter should be in private school.* They like, never have negative thoughts, except, amusingly, the mother will think negative thoughts about homework after helping the daughter with it.

It's just a joy to be a part of their happy, shallow, angst-free lives. But I do find it funny that because the teenager's aspiration is romance, sometimes her wants include "Buy a bar." Um, no. You may not have a bar, young lady.

*He said no, because the home atmosphere was so crappy. What a square!

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June 12th, 2005

07:42 pm - RIP, Hiro Protagonist
Hiro Protagonist, first and founding Sim of this neighbourhood, has passed away.

The story of a SimLife.Collapse )

End of an era, really.

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June 8th, 2005

11:27 pm - Welcome home, Mr and Mrs Argos/It's a BOY!
Jason and Concera came home from college.

When Concera left for college, the family was living in a small, crowded 2br-1bath house on a tiny lot with no garden to speak of.

She came home to Protagonist Manor.Collapse )

Where she and Jason, not wanting to disturb and already busy household - at that point already occupied by Hiro, Pao, David and Ender - had a quiet little commitment ceremony on the lawn.

Married by the mailbox!Collapse )

Jason got a new outfit. Concera was so impressed by his new stylishness she let him knock her up. Enter their new son.

Jason and Concera, meet Paul. Paul, meet Uncle David and Grandpa Hiro.Collapse )

Pao moved out and Ender's gone to college. I had not, until I watched the closeup when he had his First Kiss with Randy, realised just how strange-looking Ender (who is half-alien) is; he has this weird flat face with a ridiculously tiny nose.

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01:56 pm
You know, on a day when it hurts to laugh, David should not have been promoted to Ecological Guru (top of the Natural Scientist track). Sure, it's a great job for someone whose life goal is to max out his skills - he only works one day a week now (but gets paid over ten grand for that day).

But it means he dresses like this:Image cut.Collapse )
David has now made this his Every Day outfit. His father, Hiro, isn't quite comfortable with his son's taking up near-nudism:
Second image.Collapse )
But *I'm* amused.

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