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Tales of David Protagonist - SimJournal

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June 24th, 2005

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06:21 pm - Tales of David Protagonist

So, a while back David became an exorcist.

Being David, he incorporated his new work look into a home style. Less with the body paint on the skill, more with the tasteful makeup job.

You'd never know he was an ugly sod, before the surgery. At least he was still a dork.

He got old, though, and suddenly all he could think about, all he wanted, was sex. I realised later this was because he'd reached retirement age a virgin. So, he hooked up with one of his old college professors:

Far be it for me to say that she was desperate, but she had this creepy tendency to stare at young couples on campus:

He was a cranky old git, though; was pissed at the noise his swanky helicopter made picking him up for his latest job (sporting icon).

Now he's retired, and stays at home helping guide his teenage alien daughter to her full potential. Unfortunately, she's picked up his ugly genes, but she's a very nice girl nonetheless.

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